Facilitate the development of innovative projects while guiding the latter to the appropriate financing schemes.

Aerospace Valley regularly launches Calls for Expression of Interest focusing on specific themes or types of projects. The aim is to identify project intentions, help structure projects, and direct the latter to potential sources of funding. The goal is to foster the development of projects using a collective approach and to qualify projects upstream, in order to leverage public financing opportunities.


Identify partners or solution providers.

Connecting with potential partners and customers is a crucial step in the innovation process. The Cluster can create and set up high quality networking opportunities through calls for applications, which can be in different formats depending on the degree of confidentiality required. This can enable the owner of an innovative project to complete a consortium with the skills needed for his project. It could also involve an end-user who expresses a specific technological need and who solicits the providers of innovative solutions to formalize partnerships.


Explore opportunities for creating startups in the aerospace field

From several years, Aerospace Valley is organising various hackathons on its own or on behalf of different organisations (CNES, ESA, European Commission, Space Command): ActInSpace, Copernicus Hackathon, Climathon, Hackathon MAELE, Cassini Hackathon, DefInSpace ...

Hackathons are an efficient tool to diffuse information, allow people to meet each other, and make students and schools aware of subjects of interest and future. They also open up perspectives on entrepreneurship. Generally, the participants have 24 hours to imagine solutions answering challenges proposed (climate action, use of data, exploitation of patents, etc.). Aerospace Valley is well-known for its expertise as a central organiser (in Europe and internationally) as well as a local organiser (in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier).  These hackathons are carried out thanks to a network of partners (schools, incubators, etc.) and sponsors (companies, industrialists, cities, regions).


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