ANITI has 3 main missions: scientific research, training and economic development related to AI. ANITI aims to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence called hybrid AI, integrating data driven learning techniques and symbolic or mathematical models that permit us to express constraints and to carry out logical reasoning. ANITI also has ambitious aims with regard to education and industrial development. 

ANITI is housed in three sites and hosts around 200 researchers from universities, engineering schools and scientific and technological research organizations in Toulouse and its region, and around 50 partners.

ANITI has targeted as strategic application sectors: (1) intelligent mobility and transport, and (2) robotics/cobotics for the industry of the future.

ANITI aims to promote exchanges between industrialists who address their problems to scientists and academics in order to develop new markets and new technological applications.

investissement davenir



ANITI supported by the Université fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, in the frame of "programme d'investissements d'avenir PIA3" (Plan Villani)


François-Marie LESAFFRE
Chargé de mission DATA IA