Created in 2013, coordinated by the Aerospace Valley Cluster and funded by CNES, ESA BIC Sud France is a European Space Agency scheme with the vocation of supporting the development of space sector-related start-ups: transfer of a technology from the space field to another field (smart-city, agriculture, health, security, mobility, etc.), and promotion of data (GNSS, Earth observation…) for a product or service or technology from New Space. Start-ups are provided with the support needed to develop their activity and become commercially viable companies. Once the incubation is completed, the companies join the alumni network.

The ESA BIC is the result of an initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) to facilitate the creation of space-related companies in Europe. Today, 20 ESA BICs are active or about to be launched. Since its creation, ESA BIC Sud France has supported over 100 companies.


ESA BIC Sud France Manager