TindAIR is a large-scale demonstration project in the field of urban air mobility. The emergence of new kinds of increasingly autonomous flying vehicles such as drones or VTOLs shall empower the development of a new type of mobility in urban environments. This new mode of transportation must be able to be safely implemented in our cities. The TindAIR project meets this objective with a research focus on setting up a service for managing conflicts between the different urban sky users. Through a series of demonstrations in the Bordeaux and Toulouse regions, TindAIR will test this service which will enable huge advances in the field of urban air mobility.

The project is financed by SESAR Joint Undertaking in view of the implementation of U-space services.

Aerospace Valley is responsible for communication and dissemination actions concerning project results.


Morgane Hébert Vernhes
Chargée de mission Communication - Projet européen SESAR