Different kind of opportunities to get engaged

To feed the OMC Q&A open to everyone,  SPACE4Cities strives to create an open forum via the following tools:

  • The OMC Webinar Series of European-wide events in English on the Challenges and the Call for Tenders;
  • The OMC National Webinars, one webinar in each public procurer’s language to engage its national ecosystem;
  • A confidential OMC Supplier Survey to specify the three targeted Challenges and gauge the feasibility of the preliminary requirements;
  • A public OMC Matchmaking Directory to facilitate consortium-building and the search for partners, provided you fill the OMC Matchmaking Form;
  • An interactive OMC Community on LinkedIn where you can ask questions, stay up to date on events and search consortium partners.

All information is further explained on the Open Market Consultation page of our website. 

As previously said, the questions asked, feedback and results obtained during the OMC will help SPACE4Cities partners to elaborate the most appropriate requirements possible. 


SPACE4Cities is the first Pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project stimulating both Earth Observation (EO) and Global Navigation Satellite System technologies (GNSS). Its goal is to procure five replicable solutions, via smart use of Copernicus and/or Galileo data, for better and more dynamic management of public spaces. A PCP is a type of public procurement dedicated to innovative solutions, thus tenderers cannot propose an already-commercialised solution. 

These five solutions will be selected during a three-step process and will then be implemented for five public procurers: Helsinki, Amsterdam, Athens/Attica, Ghent and Guimarães. Suppliers may be either, companies, research centers or non-profit organisations and may submit a tender as part of a consortium or as a single entity.

SPACE4Cities has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.101131955.