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The consortium

The public buyers' group is made of: Forum Virium Helsinki (Finland), Municipality of Amsterdam (Netherlands), District09 (Belgium), Municipality of Guimarães (Portugal), Innovation Attica (Regional Development Fund of the Attica region in Greece) and Open and Agile Smart Cities, OASC (Belgium).


Aerospace Valley is participating as an expert of the space industry. In particular, throughout 2024, its team will be conducting an Open Market Consultation (OMC) in the form of webinars and a questionnaire, in order to :

- draw up a state of the art of commercial offers using space data in urban use cases ;

- check the feasibility of calls for tender issued by public-sector buyers.

To this end, Aerospace Valley will mobilize the European space industry networks and local authorities with which it works.

What are the next steps in the PCP process?

Aerospace Valley's role happens before the call for tenders. However, it is strongly recommended that providers take part in the Open Market Consultation to understand the needs of the public buyers, give feedback on the call for tenders specifications, and thus maximize the chances of success during the selection process.


Following analysis of the market and input from solution providers, public buyers will open the PCP tender in January 2025 once and for all.

Selected candidates will then enter the PCP process:

1) a first phase will provide candidates with a maximum of €40,000 to design the solution;

2) after selection, applicants will receive a further €100,000 to develop the prototype of their solution;

3) the final selection phase will provide €250,000 to test the solution on the field.

At the end of the third phase, public buyers may launch a traditional public procurement contract, to which the awarded solution provider will be able to respond easily.



Do you have questions?

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