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What is CYSAT?

Raising awareness about cybersecurity for space assets and data since 2021

Since 2021, CYSEC, a European cybersecurity company, has spearheaded CYSAT, the biggest European event exclusively dedicated to cybersecurity for the space industry.

The genesis of CYSAT dates back to 2019 when cybersecurity in the space sector emerged as a nascent and crucial topic, especially concerning civil and commercial missions. During this time, the space industry witnessed a surge in private investments, particularly in small satellites, anticipating exponential growth.

As a cybersecurity specialist, CYSEC recognized the imperative of securing the space industry, drawing inspiration from the strides made in the U.S. where discussions, conferences, and even satellite hacking contests were already underway.

In contrast, Europe lacked a dedicated space community addressing cybersecurity concerns. To spotlight the urgency of cybersecurity for the space industry in Europe, CYSEC took the initiative to create a bespoke event.

Given the escalating cybersecurity challenges and the heightened significance of data protection in space, CYSAT aims to unite cybersecurity and space experts, fostering a novel European ecosystem capable of effectively addressing both current and future industry challenges.



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Space Project Manager

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