ESA BIC Sud France | S.T.A.R.T Webinar

What is ESA BIC Sud France ?

The ESA BIC Sud France is the first ESA (European Space Agency) incubator to be created in France. It belongs to the ESA SPACE Solutions network composed of 22 European BICs (Business Incubation Centres) set up by the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2000. ESA BICs aim is to support the creation of start-ups with a link to space: technology transfer, use of satellite data, newspace, etc.

Coordinated by Aerospace Valley and funded through optional programs by CNES (French Space Agency), the ESA BIC South France since its creation in 2013 has supported more than 100 companies in the space sector or application sectors (agriculture, health, urban planning, general public ...).

By providing financial assistance to accelerate your project, and putting you in touch with experts in the field, ESA BIC Sud France is THE partner you need to boost your project!



Thaddé Bouchard

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