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Ternwaves has developed a disruptive connectivity technology for satellites & terrestrial IoT networks. Analysts estimate that these networks should connect more than 20 billion objects by 2027. But current connectivity technologies face a crucial limitation: the number of objects they can support simultaneously. Ternwaves' connectivity technology makes it possible to unlock the capacity of IoT networks, thus allowing massive deployment of connected objects. It is a game changer for this market at the heart of digital transformation. This technology achieves the maximum theoretical performance in terms of capacity & long range and cannot be outperformed. It has also the advantage of guaranteeing at the same time a very low energy consumption for maximum autonomy and a very low cost. Ternwaves' ambition is to become the champion of connectivity for IoT, an area where growth prospects are staggering. This technology will become a major contributor to sustainable development, enabling a massive deployment of connected objects for environmental monitoring, disaster prevention, saving resources and reducing energy consumption.