Aerospace Valley and its partners of the NOVExport project are pleased to present to you the webinar 'All about Space Data !'


Earth Observation from Space : a potential market serving billions of Earth inhabitants as more and more applications are being developed from the images captured by the numerous satellites orbiting around our blue planet.

We will detail the main characteristics of these satellites regarding their orbits (altitude, periodicity, type), their key optical parameters (MTF, SNR), their geometrical data (access corridor, swath width, ..) before comparing the two types of EO satellites (which are complementary) : Optical and Radar and their respective drawbacks and advantages .

Lastly, we will shortly address the wide subject of EO applications to mention the main types : disaster management, agriculture, land administration, ocean surveillance, …

A second question and answer session written in 'chat' mode will be held in the second part of this webinar.


Language will be in English.


Organised as part of the NOVExport project the one-hour webinar proposes one key speaker:


Former Space Manager at Airbus DS,







Chargée de mission « ex-Languedoc-Roussillon » / Responsable du bureau de Montpellier

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