Call of expressions of interest : PREDICAT, multi environmental coupled platform



The prospects for a greener aircraft therefore, electric and / or hybrid necessitate an increase in the nominal voltage in order to limit the overall mass of the cables. This rise in voltage, beyond kV, impacts the electrical components and their reliability. The more electric or hybrid aircraft of the future will require the use of new components: new cables, new insulating materials, new equipment, new semiconductors, batteries, fuel cell, new cooling systems.

It is important to study their reliability in order to secure their use for more electric and or hybrid aircraft.

The IRT Saint Exupéy therefore invites you, via this call for expression of interest, with the aim of integrating into a consortium, “End users”, manufacturers of test equipment (SMEs, mid-cap companies, and large groups), certification organization, normative committees as well as academics, to participate in the co-construction of the PREDICAT project and its financing.


Project display

Environmental constraints and integration into aircraft have a direct impact on the performance of on-board systems and components. Their integration into certain areas of the aircraft means that they can undergo variations in temperature, pressure (non-pressurized area), humidity, vibration and of course electrical stresses.

These variations, to varying degrees, can occur at the same time, not individually. In order to meet this need, it is important to develop a multi-stress testing platform corresponding to this need.

The development of a multi-stress chamber combining electrical, thermal, vacuum, temperature and vibration will make it possible to define a new method for testing accelerated aging of integrated components and equipment (electrical, electrochemical, materials, etc.) in future more electric or hybrid aircraft, and to validate their robustness before their integration into the systems.


PREDICAT platform

This unique platform will be available to manufacturers in order to verify the robustness of their products (electric motors, power converters, connectors, cables, etc.), better control the manufacturing process, and validate the innovative technologies that are used. Will have to integrate more electric and / or hybrid planes.

However, beyond aircraft, the current transport market aims to increase on-board electrical power, and move towards more electric, less polluting transport. This platform will harmonize the components, and their reliability, between these different applications.

This platform will also make it possible to understand the influence of the combination of physical phenomena on the aging of components and equipment and therefore to improve their maturity, in particular on:

  • Electronic Components (SiC, Gan, digital, memory, microprocessor…)
  • Storage solution and energy sources: Battery Cells, fuel pack, super capacitors,
  • Technological bricks: Energy converters, Cooling system, new filtering system, switching and protection devices, and electrical distribution solutions,
  • Electrical components: High Voltage wires, busbar, connectors, printed circuit board…
  • New materials: electrical insulators, composite, parts produced by additive manufacturing, or new surface treatment

To adapt to the system tested, it must be possible to make this platform must be removable and modular. To optimize the tests, it is important to develop data management and processing tools in order to develop models for predicting the evolution of the tested product, and finally study the possibility to establish virtual tests, by using deep learning.

This platform will allow optimizing the tests by defining test profile according the test profile and the requirements of the products tested, environmental constraints, and the mission profile. Through this project, the qualification and certification will be optimized to reduce the development costs of the tested products.


How to apply ?

If you are interested in the project, please download and fill in the document below and send it back to the following address:

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Deadline : 31/12/2020