Space2IDGO, a reference in exporting European space innovation for ground solutions

Space2IDGO, the fast-track internationalization project (January 2018 – March 2020), has contributed to boost European space service providers and application developers' access beyond Europe.

The project, with a duration of 27 months, is co-funded by the the European Union's COSME Programme.


The project has selected 13 European SMEs to export in 5 third countries.

The Space2IDGO (Space Clusters International Diversification Go) project, is the second step of a two-stand process started with Space2ID (Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification) the first structured action for Space Service Providers and Application Developers to directly address the huge economic potential of several industrial sectors, carefully selected at European and International level with a clear “market pull” orientation. These sectors are: Mobility, Energy, Logistics, Creative industries and Agriculture (MELCA sectors) where the use of satellite data provides strong added value and accelerates the development of new value chains.

Space2IDGO has consolidated the ambitions to go international stronger and faster by proposing an innovative support towards SMEs willing to go international, helping to disseminate the added value of space data in MELCA value chains and developing business between European SMEs and new abroad partners and customers.

The Project, that ends now, has offered to European SMEs - in particular space service providers, application developers or working in MELCA sectors and looking to develop a service using space-based technologies or data-, a whole internationalization process in cooperation with Price Waterhouse and Cooper (PwC).