Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit

du 22 Septembre 2021 - 09:00 au 23 Septembre 2021 - 18:00

SAVE THE DATE : Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit 2021 returns for its 3rd edition!
Don't miss the must-attend BtoB event on additive and advanced manufacturing technologies in the aerospace industry.

Join us in-person in Toulouse or online on September 22-23




  • September 22nd

AAMS Summit

Join us for one full day of keynote presentations and panel discussions spanning the latest technological advances in additive manufacturing, the strategies behind them and the hurdles the industry faces.

  • September 23rd

BtoB Meetings, Workshops, Exhibition
Meet industry suppliers, technology companies, research centers and academics with a custom schedule of pre-arranged BtoB meetings.

Walk the expo area to further explore emerging technologies and industry trends.



Summit introduction by Christophe Eschenbrenner, President of France Additive
  • PANEL 1 - Additive Manufacturing Trends to Watch in Aerospace
Additive Manufacturing processes in the aerospace sector can overcome some major industrial challenges including the design of complex parts by reducing production steps and structural weight.
This roundtable will try to answer questions on: what volume of production for which products? In which sector? In what time frame?
Confirmed speakers:
  • Raphaël Salapete, Additive Manufacturing R&D Project Leader, ARIANE GROUP
  • Thomas Rohr, Head of Materials and Processes Section, EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY
  • Anne Thenaisie, Managing Director for Safran Additive Manufacturing,SAFRAN
  • PANEL 2 - Outlook of Polymer Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace
Photopolymer and polymer powders hold a monopolistic position in the constantly expanding market of manufacturing processes and materials. Continuous growth is expected in the coming years.

The aerospace sector should become one of its main users for tooling or prototyping applications


  • PANEL 3 - Hybrid 3D Printing and Factory 4.0: Synergies between Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Technologies
A hybrid system combines additive and subtractive manufacturing processes in a single machine. The benefits are those of machining: repeatability, precision, surface finishing, productivity, and those of additive manufacturing: material waste reduction, design freedom, unmatched manufacturing.
How do this new type of hybridization enhance competitiveness in the factory 4.0?
Confirmed speaker:
  • Elena Lopez, Head of Division Additive Manufacturing, FRAUNHOFER-​Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS


PANEL 4 - Additive Manufacturing - a Green Technology?

3D printing is often viewed as a greener way to end mass production. In fact, it's supposed to have a major environmental impact by reducing production waste, saving electricity consumption and stopping planned obsolescence. Myth or Reality?


All the content and sessions will be available on demand after the event.






For the first time, AAMS will be co-located with 3 other events to provide an unprecedented experience to the participants.

The aerospace industry is undergoing a huge shift towards digital transformation, which means the rapid development and deployment of new technologies across the entire sector.

As well as focusing on the unique benefits and learnings surrounding each technology, company leaders and tech experts will also lead discussions on the convergence of emerging tech, perfect for anyone focused across multiple topics. We'll also take a deep dive into key industry verticals in order to discover how these technologies are being applied to the aerospace market.

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