DDrone Invest (Delta Drone Group) invests €1M in the Donecle company and becomes a shareholder alongside the 4 founders

DDrone Invest Inc., an investment company governed by U.S. law, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Drone SA, announces that it has entered into a capital agreement with the Donecle startup. Pursuant to this agreement, DDrone Invest has subscribed to a reserved capital increase and has become a shareholder alongside the four founders. This contribution of new financial resources will allow Donecle to continue the development of its technologies and activity, specifically on an international level.

Founded in 2015 by four partners, the company is based in Toulouse (31) within the IoT Valley acceleration association, the first ecosystem specialized in IoT (the Internet of Things), which brings together over thirty innovative companies and startups. Donecle is a member of the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster, the Robotics Place cluster and the Hardware Club. Donecle has won many prizes, including MIT Innovator Under 35 France, La Tribune – BNP Paribas Young Entrepreneur Prize, Norbert Ségard Young Engineer/Creator Prize, and was the winner of i-Lab 2016 (BPI France/French Ministry of Research).

Donecle develops drone systems that are capable of automatically inspecting large structures 20 times faster than by using current methods. The company is focusing first on the aeronautics market: the visual inspection of a commercial airplane takes an average of eight hours; with each hour the aircraft is grounded costing the airline several thousands of euros...