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The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Sud France opened in 2013 and is managed by Aerospace Valley.

The center is located in three regions (Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) in the south of France, offering start up support and technical expertise to the creation of innovative companies. 

ESA BIC Sud France is composed of the following members providing the best support to business creators:

  • Six support structure: ESTIA Entreprendre, Bordeaux Technowest, CEEI Théogone, Midi-Pyrénées Incubator, PACA-Est Incubator and BIC Montpellier.
  • Two aerospace competitiveness clusters: Aerospace Valley and Safe
  • The French space agency: CNES

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The Business Success Initiative (BSI)


The main objective of the BSI is to enable SMEs from the aerospace industry (and related sectors), to commercialize their innovative products. BSI is a pilot initiative launched by Aerospace Valley in 2014 and labelled by GIFAS & UIMM.

Some identified needs:

  • Break the loneliness of the entrepreneur,
  • Make a long-term difference compared to the punctual helps, 
  • Call on mutualized and recognized providers,
  • Create new synergies between experts and founding members and the SMEs. This is a remarkable and original asset of the BSI, which succeeded to federate leaders around a common ambition. 

Impacts wanted for the BSI :

  • Access to new markets,
  • Increase competences (strategic marketing, project management, intellectual property...)
  • Increase competitiveness of the industry, 
  • Valorisation of the sector's innvative capacity.


The 3 values of the BSI's DNA are: Sharing, Agility, Expertises. 



The initiative « V.I.E. mutualisés » of Aerospace Valley

With start mid-2010 Aerospace Valley has put in place an innovative initiative in order to efficiently support its member SME in their international development strategy. In the frame of this French International Postgraduate Internship Program by UBIFrance young engineers (aged 28 or less) are affected for a period up to two years to groups between 2 and 4 enterprises. These so-called “V.I.E.” are in charge of the commercial development of their companies. Each V.I.E. is locally hosted in the premises of a major industrial member of Aerospace Valley already present in the respective country.

Today around 40 SME-companies of Aerospace Valley have benefited from this initiative. In total 13 of these V.I.E., placed in one of the six countries on the map below, are either currently in place, or have recently ended their mission.


Full list of current and previous V.I.E. :




Industrial host

Arnaud Seigne


1/8/2010 – 31/7/2012

Liebherr Aerospace

Matthieu Couppey


1/9/2010 – 31/8/2012


Carlos Arias Fernandez


1/7/2011 – 30/6/2013


Adrien Ferreira

São Paulo

15/11/2011 – 14/11/2012


Romain Moulin-Raymond


1/1/2012 – 31/12/2012


Matthieu Boudet


1/4/2012 – 31/3/2014


Domenico Bartolomeis


1/5/2012 – 30/4/2014

Actia & Safran

Nicolas Parent

São Paulo

1/5/2012 – 30/6/2014


Morgan Autret

São Paulo

1/9/2012 – 31/8/2014


Teddy Baptiste


1/7/2013 – 30/6/2014


Charlotte Laramée


1/11/2013 – 31/10/2015


Marie-Alice Scheibling

Shanghai 1/10/2014 – 30/9/2016 Safran

Marine Lamamy

Chicago 1/10/2015 – 30/9/2017 Business France


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Aerospace Valley Technoday, a biennial event, is dedicated to showcasing innovative products, many of which are the result of collaborative research originating in the creation of the cluster in 2005. The first Technoday, held in Agen in 2014, hosted over 400 visitors and 25 exhibitors.

Technoday 2016 features twice as many innovations with some 40 exhibitors and three pitch sessions, new stakeholders thanks to B2B events in partnership with experts from the DGA, and even more participants.


TechnoDay is the major business event of the Aerospace Valley Cluster, offering participants:

- Access to high added value content thanks to the quality of innovations presented

- The opportunity to meet the major stakeholders driving the development of Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems and involved in Aerospace Valley, one of the three leading French Competitiveness clusters.


  • To showcase the innovative character of products and services, certain of which are the result of collaborative research, developed by cluster members
  • To feature the technological successes of Aerospace Valley members, based in the Cluster’s bi-regional territory of Aquitaine and the Midi-Pyrénées.
  • To create new business and networking opportunities.
  • To help participants leverage contacts with new potential customers.

More information 

  • Toulouse Space Show

Every two years, Aerospace Valley participates in Toulouse Space Show, a major global forum dedicated to the progress in space infrastructure, technologies and applications. It gathers about 2000 participants from many European and International countries around plenary sessions based on high level keynotes, round tables, exhibitions and demonstrations.

The Round Tables of Toulouse Space Show 2016 especially addressed international cooperation issues, the geospatial intelligence, the innovation and disruption approaches, as well as the links between space applications and the digital economy.


  • Technical forum

Every year, Aerospace Valley organizes a technical forum in Arcachon, to bring together all the members. It gathers about 600 participants. 

  • Blue Talks

Aerospace Valley has created Blue Talks, a new conference format that highlights men and women who are inspiring for the industry. 

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For more information on upcoming events, please visit our agenda

In the field of space sector, Aerospace Valley has a strong background in the promotion of Earth Observation technologies and data towards its regional ecosystem. In order to maximize the impact of this action, Aerospace Valley is leading a cross-sectorial alliance named Booster NOVA that covers the urban areas of Bordeaux, Toulouse and Montpellier, the 3 main cities in the South-West of France. The objective is clear: to foster new business services using combination of space-based EO data with other sources of data (open data, IOT) to the service of ground businesses. To fulfill such an ambition, Booster NOVA animates a seamless process called Dream it – Make it – Boost it aiming at promoting, co-designing, creating and accelerating the development of these space-based services.  

To fulfill such an ambition, Aerospace Valley and Booster NOVA target a community much more larger than the community of ‘usual’ space companies. In this sense, an important effort is made to involve the regional or local digital community, nationally organized under the French Tech label, in all the EO related actions. The approach here is to evangelize the use of space data towards stakeholders who knows how to develop apps and softwares, and to make them aware of the capabilities of EO potential added value. These actors are therefore systematically involved in all the Booster NOVA related actions.


The second priority is to open this approach to a community much more larger than only SMEs. We therefore have many various actions with students (Master, Entrepreneurship activities, challenges …), individual developers, funders, large groups.


  • DREAM IT : The objective is twofold : raising awareness of earth observation capabilities among digital and new user communities & fostering the emergence of new ideas of services and projects using space data.
  • MAKE IT: The objective is to help stakeholders transform ideas into prototypes or running services. 
  • BOOST IT: to support the commercial deployment of services and products.