The member roster of Aerospace Valley is composed of three different domains of activities (in French, “filières”): Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems. Together, they are 869 companies and over 120 000 employees. Some of our highlights for each domains are:

  • Aeronautics:

Airbus (global headquarters): final assembly lines for the aircrafts A319/320/321, A330, A350 and A380; conception and development of the European military aircraft A400M.

ATR (global HQ): world leader of turboprop aircrafts, category 50-74 seats (ATR 42 and 72);

Daher-Socata: one of the global leader constructers of light aircrafts, both civil and military;

Dassault Aviation: world leader in business aircrafts (Falcon), reference in complex aerial systems (Rafale and nEUROn demonstrator), designer and builder of high-performance military airplanes (Rafale);

Sabena Technics: MRO leader, service provider to civil and military airplane operators; 

Safran Group: Messier-Dowty (global leader of design, fabrication and support of landing gears systems), Microturbo (European leader of low-power gas turbines), Turbomeca (global leader of helicopter gas turbines);

Saft: world leader in batteries to civil and military aircrafts as well as space applications.

  • Space:

CNES (Toulouse’s Space Center): French national spatial agency;

Airbus Defense & Space - Bordeaux facility: European specialist of launchers and orbital infrastructures;

Airbus D&S - Toulouse facility: one of the world’s leaders in design and development of satellites and spatial systems;

Airbus-Safran: European leader in solid propellant propulsion in ballistic missiles and spatial launchers;

Thales Alenia Space: one of the world’s leaders in design and development of satellites and spatial systems.

  • Embedded Systems:

Alstom Transports: excellence center in sub-systems for power modules, equipments and chains of railway traction;

Honeywell Aerospace: avionic equipments and aircraft’s embedded materials maintenance;

Rockwell Collins: French headquarters;

Thales Systèmes Aéroportés and Avionics Division: European leader in equipments and systems and their maintenance for combat airplanes, drones, helicopters, among others.