Aerospace Valley reassembles companies, research centres, education centres and institutions concerned by its industry and within its regions. The association is constituted of 7 electoral bodies (“collèges”):

  • Large enterprises;
  • Small and Medium sized Enterprises;
  • Education & training Centres;
  • Research Centres and Universities;
  • Public collectivities, economical development structures;
  • Financiers Organisations;  
  • Professional organisations and associated partners


Aerospace Valley is composed of:

  •  A General Assembly, constituted by the ensemble of the members of the association (one vote per member);
  • A Board of Administrators of 37 members, where all the association’s bodies are represented. This Board is elected by the General member Assembly for a duration of three years;
  •  A Project Labelling Committee of 25 members from the first 4 electoral bodies which examines the collaborative R&D projects according to the cluster’s technological roadmap. These projects are then presented to the public financing bodies;
  • A Bureau composed of 6 people, elected by the Board of Administrators for a duration of 3 years;
  • An Executive Committee (COMEX), which gathers the members of the Bureau, the representatives from the Education, Research and Economical Development, the moderators of the Technological activities, as well as the leaders of the Market Commissions (aeronautics, space, drones).


The Bureau is currently formed by:

  • Yann Barbaux, President
  • Bruno Nouzille, Vice president 
  • Geneviève Campan, secretary-general
  • Marc De Tapol, secretary
  • Benoît Moulas, treasurer
  • François Cancell, assistant treasurer