C4H Webinar

Finance for entrepreneurs
22 Novembre 2018 - 11:00

Aerospace Valley is pleased to invite you at the C4H Webinar - Finance for entrepreneurs.

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JOAQUÍN SOUCHEIRON - Joaquín is a multilingual Lean thinker and entrepreneur: 2 Exits, one as founder (AlphaSol) and one as coach (enbreeze). Accredited coach (Steinbeis, HTGF, bwcon, ATEKNEA, SME Instrument – Horizon 2020) for hi-tech and digital startups (automotive, industry 4.0, digital platforms and business, clean energy, medical engineering, etc.) He knows the game from the entrepreneur side as well as from the investor side. He often refers of the investor side as “the dark side of the force”. He prefers the bright side but is committed and well networked in the investor side as a “must” in the game. Since 2009 many startups are happily enjoying the millions of € he has risen for them in equity and non-equity deals ! 

This webinar will enlighten you with the finance basics that every entrepreneur should know. Nobody expects you to write literature like Shakespeare, Cervantes or Goethe... but you should know how to write and read a sentence, right? Well... with finance is the same... nobody will expect you to be a master, but you should know the basics, those basics that will help you to think better in terms of business models, take the right managerial decisions, and will help you to negotiate with customers and investors.

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