Appel à projets – Cyber security and space based services

Opening date : 22 August 2019 / Closing date : 31 October 2019
07 Juin 2019

Opening date : 22 August 2019
Closing date : 31 October 2019


The  European  Space  Agency  is  offering  technical  support  and  funding  to  companies  developing innovative cyber security products and services that are:

  • enabled by space as a means to mitigate cyber security risks and to enhance cyber resistance and the resilience of existing services, infrastructures and operations;
  • aimed at enhancing the end-to-end cyber security of space-based applications.

The following verticals have been identified as key focus areas:

  • Transport (maritime, land, air, including autonomous vehicles);  
  • Energy, Utilities and Critical Infrastructures;
  • Financial Sector;  
  • Public Safety.

The new services and solutions to be investigated can address cyber security prevention, protection, detection and/or response activities. Combination of space with innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics, or Quantum Cryptography Distribution is encouraged.



ESA offers funding and support to companies, both for business case assessment and for the development of new, space-empowered cyber security services.

  • 100% zero-equity funding up to €200K per activity
  • Technical & commercial guidance;
  • Access to our network and partners;
  • Use of the ESA brand for your service.



Funded participation to ESA Business Applications is open to any company and/or organisation, be it as group of users, public body or non-governmental organisation, residing in any of those states that subscribe to the ARTES IAP programme

NB : the applicable funding level of the individual prime- or subcontractors is subject to authorisation by the involved National Delegation(s). Therefore bidding teams are requested to obtain a Letter of Authorisation from the CNES before submitting a Full Proposal.


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