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FoF 06-2017: New product functionalities through advanced surface manufacturing processes for mass production

FOF 07-2017: Integration of unconventional technologies for multi-material processing into manufacturing systems

FOF 08-2017: In-line measurement and control for micro-/nano-enabled high-volume manufacturing for enhanced reliability

FoF 09-2017: Novel design and predictive maintenance technologies for increased operating life of production systems

FoF 10-2017: New technologies and life cycle management for reconfigurable and reusable customised products


ICT-31-2017: Micro- and nanoelectronics technologies

ICT-30-2017: Photonics KET 2017

ICT-32-2017: Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar

ICT-05-2017: Customised and low energy computing

ICT 27 – 2017: System abilities, SME & benchmarking actions, safety certification

ICT-28-2017: Robotics Competition, coordination and support


INNOSUP 1 - 2017: Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains


EO-2-2017 EO big data shift

COMPET-1-2017 Technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness

COMPET-2-2017 Competitiveness in Earth observation mission technologies

COMPET-3-2017 High speed data chain

COMPET-4-2017 Scientific data exploitation

COMPET-5-2017 Space weather


GV-08-2017: Electrified urban commercial vehicles integration with fast charging infrastructure

MG-1.4-2016-2017: Breakthrough innovation

MG-7.3-2016. The Port of the future

MG-7.3-2016. The Port of the future

MG-8.2-2017: Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges and limitations